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So why are we here?

Perhaps some of you are here because you experienced something weird, and seek answers. Maybe others are looking for techniques to see the supernatural with their own eyes. And even others might just enjoy stimulating conversation that has complete disregard for the norm.

Let me tell you why I’m here:

I’m here because the reality I see isn’t the reality that society tells me I should see.

When we experience something impossible, there is a moment where we have to make a decision. At some point, we must decide how to reconcile what we’ve seen. How are we going to explain this event to ourself?

Perhaps the ones who can shrug it off, and go on about their lives, are the lucky ones. The religious might use a scapegoat, and blame it on a “devil”, or “coincidence”. Part of me is envious of those people with such certainty about reality. The vast majority of us will be forced to leave the event unresolved, and it’s presence in our memory will serve as a reminder of our ignorance.

Unfortunately, because we can’t come up with a rational explanation for ourself, we tend to keep these experiences private. How can we expect someone else to believe what we aren’t even sure of in our own mind?

I don’t have an explanation for all the bizarre experiences I’ve been told about, and had myself. I won’t be able to offer you any concrete answers. What I can offer you is a different mentality.

Instead of allowing society to define what’s normal, it’s time to let reality decide. There is nothing supernatural about the things we experience - if it happens in reality, then it is natural. If society doesn’t like it: tough shit. I’m not here to sugar coat the things I see so the cynics won’t judge me harshly. I’m not here to defend what is ultimately a reflection of reality. I’m not going to try and cram reality into someone else’s belief system. It is our responsibility to change our belief system to fit reality - not the other way around.

A Little Weird.com (ALW) is a place where we can be honest with ourselves and each other. Where we can explore these strange topics without forcing a particular understanding or perspective. Where we can let reality define normality.

- Sean Connelly, Webmaster