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One Final Note...

TL;DR: Too bad. Read the whole thing, or don't :-P.

I've been thinking for a long time what I would write, as my final "goodbye" to this body of work... to this phase of my life. And to all the people who had some sort of connection to PsiPog and/or ALW.

I have a lot of mixed feelings. But the most clearly defined feeling I have is:

This archive is the last action I will take in regard to the paranormal. I will no longer read, write, contribute, think, be interested in, care about, teach, learn, or whatever again, related to the paranormal.

I have a few friends that I've kept in touch with, which I plan on staying in touch with, as a personal relationship. These relationships exist outside of my past interest in the paranormal.

So... don't e-mail me. Don't ask me questions. This archive is everything I could muster together, in as clean a format as I could make it. If you can't find your answer within these documents, then I can't help you.

And on the topic of "helping others", I'd like to take a moment to try to get it into your head that you are responsible for your life. Not me. Not your parents. Not your friends. Not your teachers. You.


I guess the last thing to comment about is what I think about all of this. What do I think about all these crazy ideas, now that I'm a real life adult now? (at the ripe age of 29).

I remember being 15. In those days, the internet was a lot harder to use. There weren't websites like Facebook, or Digg, or blogs, or anything like that. I remember using altavista.com and AOL to try and find anything I could about the paranormal.

I couldn't order any books, because I didn't have a credit card, and it would have been awkward to have books about psychic abilities coming to the house where my family would obviously see it, and give me (and each other) weird looks.

So my only hope was to find people and information on the web.

There wasn't a lot of content to be found... but there were a few message boards. And as time went on, I became interested in making websites for myself. I've made dozens of websites for my own personal use... usually related to computer programming, or math, or something like that.

So I made a website. I was interested in the paranormal, and it was fun to make websites, and I was young, bored, and didn't really have anything better to do in upstate NY (where my neighbors were fields of grass and cows).

And slowly over time, it took off. I think the biggest contributor to PsiPog's success was that it was created when the web was so young. So you just sort of became the "de facto" standard, because there weren't that many other options availble, so why not?

I did have some weird experiences... I'm pretty sure my experiences are on par with most other people in the community. The experiences are not well defined, and they don't happen predictably. Some of the experiences were probably flukes, or just my mind playing tricks with me... some of them can probably be chalked up to chance, or explained just because if you spend years trying to do weird things, by pure luck something weird will happen eventually.

Some of my experiences aren't easily explained. OBEs stand out to me as the weirdest experiences. In fact, I just had another OBE this morning...

One thing I never posted about was that I did extensive testing of my OBEs. I created three big dice, and put raised numbers on them, and put them in a small black box. I shook the box, had an OBE, and stuck my hand through the box -- in order to feel the ridges of the numbers. I would "wake up", and write down the numbers.

I thought this was a pretty clever experiment, and I was sure that I would get some numbers correct.

What happened is exactly what happens in a dream when you attempt to read a sign. As you move from left to right, you read something... but upon trying to read it again, you read something completely different. This is due to the fact that the part of your brain that does the "reading" is inactive during dreams. So you just create the letters on the fly... every time you read them.

I would feel the ridges with my fingers, and the ridges would change. They wouldn't make sense, so I would try again -- and get something completely different. Then when I was sure I had it, I would go over a second time to make sure, and read a completely different number.

And upon waking up, and checking my OBE-number with the real number -- I was wrong. Not even close.

So I repeated the experiment. A lot. And failed every time.

What should I conclude? I must conclude that OBEs are not real. I don't know what they are -- but there is enough evidence to show that they are not reflections of reality.

But that doesn't solve all the problems either. How do I explain this?! I don't know! I just don't know! And I can't explain the experiences I've read of Monroe and Peterson... but at the very least, I can tell myself that my OBE experiences were nothing like theirs.

So... if there is life after death, I will find out after I die. I'm not spending my time on this anymore. I cannot find the answer. Someone else will have to pick up the torch and find it. I'm letting it go, and moving on with my life.

It's not like I didn't try... I tried for years. Obsessively. At some point you need to move on... and that's what I'm doing. I don't want to waste my life on this. I have other interests that I'd like to work on! :-P

As for the other skills... you can read about where I left them. Read the most recent blog posts on ALW to see where I stopped.

I've carried them as far as I could... not as far as I originally hoped I would, but far enough. And now, when I think about them, I just shrug. Oh well. And think about something else. Because I don't want to give it any more of my precious time. I don't want to waste my limited mental energy on it anymore. So I shrug, and drop it.


There's a lot of bullshit in this world. A lot. The only way forward for psionics is through science and the scientific method. If you don't use the scientific method, then you will fool yourself (no matter how smart you are). Delusion is around every corner, waiting to pounce. You are excited, and want to do something cool... so, out of desperation you cut corners. And in doing so, you doom yourself to a world of delusion.

You must test yourself. You must build clever tests that are falsifiable. That have clearly defined conditions for success and failure. And you must test, and repeat, and test, and repeat.

If that sounds boring, it's because it is! But you must do it anyways! Otherwise, you will delude yourself. Not "maybe". You will.

Or, you can do what I'm choosing to do... and just drop it! Find another hobby! Find one that is still fun, exciting, and not so serious! And people won't look at you like you're some weirdo. Take up running... or be an outdoorsy person... or play a musical instrument... or cook... or be a social butterfly... or hacking... or anything!

When you're young, you don't realize that your time is limited. What good does it do you to answer metaphysical questions? You're still here, on earth. You still need a job, and loved ones, and food. You still enjoy movies, and music. You still look forward to Fridays, and are excited when a new video game comes out. It's the same life. So why waste your precious time on these sorts of things?

You'll still die, just like everyone else. Is there life after death? Yes, no... who cares! We are alive. We are here. Having an answer doesn't change anything!

Who am I trying to convince, me or you? ;-P

I'm just trying to tell you my journey, and what's worked for me. You are responsible for your own life, so do what you will.

I wish I did have the answers... but like I said. I'm not going to devote any more of my limited time and energy attempting to answer these questions. I'm going to live a good, somewhat normal, happy, fulfilling, interesting, and exciting life. And any time my mind wanders down this philisophical path, this metaphysical path... I'm just going to shrug, and do something else.

And if that's a cop out... you're right, it is! But I don't care. Carry that torch, if you want. Carry it for 14 years, and then tell me it's a cop out.

If you see me around, and want to ask me about the paranormal, I will tell you that I've simply moved on. And if you push the issue, I might e-mail you this archive. And if you've already seen it, then you've already seen everything I'm willing to give to this topic. And not an minute more.

If you think this stuff is crazy... you're right, it is! So just go do something else! Who cares! Or if it really interests you, then buy some books, and read... I don't care!

Just leave me out of it. I'm going to be busy doing other stuff.

So... I'm sorry if this is disappointing, or something like that. My last piece of psionic-related advice is: use science, or you will be doomed to self-delusion. And I've earned the right to give that advice. I'm not saying it as a mindless parrot, repeating the dogma... I am saying it as a man who has learned first hand.

With that said, here is the archive. And there's so much in here that I disagree with :-). But I think people have the right to see it all... from start to finish. Please do your best to calculate when something was posted, in order to see how people and opinions have changed over the years. Just because something has my name on it doesn't mean I agree with it today... especially if I wrote it when I was 15 or 16!

Best of luck, and may you find another hobby...

- Sean Connelly, 18 August 2012